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Mississauga Condos For Sale


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Condominiums For Sale in Mississauga

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Mississauga, $453,000
Beds: 1 + 1, Baths: 1
Burnhamthorpe / ConfederationCondominiumApprox 600-699 sq ftTaxes (2019) : $ 2,198
Mississauga, $450,000
Beds: 2 + 1, Baths: 2
Goreway/Morning StarCondominiumApprox 800-899 sq ftTaxes (2019) : $ 1,707
Mississauga, $449,999
Beds: 2 + 1, Baths: 2
Burnhamthorpe/ConfederationCondominiumApprox 1000-1199 sq ftTaxes (2019) : $ 2,090
Mississauga, $449,900
Beds: 1, Baths: 1
Winston Churchill And EglintonCondominiumApprox 600-699 sq ftTaxes (2019) : $ 2,156
Mississauga, $449,000
Beds: 2, Baths: 2
Hurontario / DundasCondominiumApprox 1000-1199 sq ftTaxes (2018) : $ 1,482
Mississauga, $449,000
Beds: 1, Baths: 1
Hurontario St And Eglinton AveCondominiumApprox 500-599 sq ftTaxes (2019) : $ 2,052
Mississauga, $445,000
Beds: 2, Baths: 2
Bloor/DixieCondominiumApprox 1000-1199 sq ftTaxes (2019) : $ 2,036
Mississauga, $445,000
Beds: 2, Baths: 1
Hurontario & BurnhamthropeCondominiumApprox 700-799 sq ftTaxes (2019) : $ 2,408
Mississauga, $444,900
Beds: 3 + 1, Baths: 2
Burnhamthorpe/Central PkwyCondominiumApprox 1000-1199 sq ftTaxes (2019) : $ 2,090
Mississauga, $439,900
Beds: 1 + 1, Baths: 1
Hurontario/BurnhamthorpeCondominiumApprox 800-899 sq ftTaxes (2019) : $ 2,110


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Condos For Sale in Mississauga

My team offers amazing condos for sale in Mississauga condo real estate opportunities to help everyone find their ideal space. Our comprehensive website allows all visitors to search extensive listings in one spot. Property searchers no longer have to spend endless hours walking along the streets looking for a new potential condo or searching in the newspapers for available real estate. They can now use our website to gain access to the latest neighbourhood listings from reputable agents. Our biggest goal is to offer everyone a direct and easy way to purchase the condo or loft of his or her dreams.


Downtown Mississauga has a growing condo market, and something special is happening right now in the Square One Condos shopping center area. Mississauga Condominiums seem to be sprouting out of the ground everywhere in the Square One City Centre neighbourhood. With several projects planned, and many already off and running, become part of the most vibrant community in the Greater Toronto Area. Between the years 2000-2008 Mississauga's population has grown 13.2%. This translates to a population growth from 631,000-714,000 residents, and this increase in the local population has warranted the increase in Mississauga condos being built.


With the city's growing population has come a growth in the core infrastructure. This includes improved transit systems, expansive parks and recreation, widening of major roads including the extensions to main arteries by the City Centre, and improved access to schools and hospitals. Mississauga is also known for housing some of Canada's Top 100 Employers including many large corporations in the Technology Sector, Health Care Sector, and Pharmaceutical Industry. Mississauga is made up of many different communities including Clarkson, Cooksville, Erindale, Erin Mills, Lorne Park, Malton, Meadowvale, Port Credit, and Streetsville and each district offers residents functional, and distinct Mississauga condominiums.

Whether interested in highly modern or traditional condos, our main listings search is comprised of over 11 pages to suit everyone's taste. Square One Condos offers modern, unique, and tasteful designs to suit anyone looking to rent or buy a luxury unit. For people interested in an absolutely breathtaking and original building, the highly unique 50 Absolute Ave. is a great choice. This affordable but luxurious building features a curvaceous and non-linear design that stands in stark contrast to the majority of surrounding buildings. With 50 floors and beautiful wrap around balconies, this award winning structure offers the opulence and extravagance that everyone desires in downtown living. In contrast, Papillon Places provides owners with a more traditional building and living space. With a pool, gym, sauna, and tennis court, this is the perfect location for people looking for building extras. So… if you are looking for condos for sale in Mississauga we specialize in providing future owners with a wide and unique selection of luxury buildings. 


In today’s fast paced world, condos Mississauga provide an ideal living arrangement. There are few people with enough time to clean a two story house and no one wants to spend their days off mowing the lawn or shoveling their driveway or deck. Condominiums are quickly becoming the most popular property choice because of their amenities and convenience. With a gym, pool, patio, and board and movie rooms in each building, Mississauga condos for sale offers everything that the average home is missing in a chic and modern space. Condos Mississauga is the perfect solution for young and hard working professionals looking for a beautiful and manageable space to relax in after work.

Search Realty offers amazing real estate opportunities to help everyone find their ideal space. Their comprehensive website allows all visitors to search extensive condos Mississauga listings in one spot. Property searchers no longer have to spend endless hours walking along the streets looking for condos Mississauga or searching in the newspapers for available real estate. They can now use Search Realty’s website to gain access to the latest condos Mississauga for rent and for sale from reputable agents. This website offers everyone a direct and easy way to purchase the loft of their dreams.

In recent years, the greater Toronto area has been at the forefront of condos Mississauga development. The rising influx of young professionals looking for luxury accommodations is contributing to the growing number of condos Mississauga being built downtown and throughout the suburbs. The increased number of luxury buildings has enticed industry professionals to push the condos Mississauga design envelope. Condos Mississauga now guarantees modern, unique, and tasteful designs to suit anyone looking to rent or buy a luxury unit. Whether interested in highly modern or traditional condos Mississauga, Search Realty is comprised of over 11 pages of listings to suit everyone’s taste. For people interested in an absolutely breathtaking and original building, the highly unique 50 Absolute Ave Marilyn Monroe building is a great choice. This affordable but luxurious building features a curvaceous and non-linear design that stands in stark contrast to the majority of surrounding condos Mississauga. With 50 floors and beautiful wrap around balconies, this award winning condominium offers the opulence and extravagance that everyone desires in condos Mississauga. In contrast, Papillon Place’s condos Mississauga provide owners with a more traditional building and living space. With a pool, gym, sauna, and tennis court, this is the perfect location for people looking for building extras. Search Realty specializes in providing future owners a wide and unique selection of luxury buildings.

Condos Mississauga offer all owners convenient living spaces and a variety of extra amenities that are hard to pass up. Search Realty is the perfect resource for people clamoring to buy their own condos Mississauga. Their extensive condos Mississauga list caters to everyone’s needs; ensuring people find a plethora of buildings and condos Mississauga to suit their individual personality and style. Most often home buyers find condos for sale at Mississauga Condos obtaining a 
Mississauga Mortgage.


The first step in purchasing a Mississauga Condo should always be getting pre approved by a professional and experienced Mortgage Broker. Speak with our sister company Search Mortgage today for a complimentary mortgage pre approval. 



Finding the Right Mississauga Condo

January 14, 2013

Finding the Right Mississauga Condo When You're Following a Budget


When you're following a strict budget you need to find the right Mississauga condo that fits right into your allowance for expenses. If you have a small window of difference between the minimum and maximum you'll be able to pay for a condo, you'll have to work closely with a Mississauga real estate agent in order to find the best one that matches your needs and your budget requirements.


The first thing on the list to do is to talk to your agent and tell him the highest purchase price and the lowest you're willing to go. Let your agent know that this is nonnegotiable and if he finds anything that you really can't afford that you won't be interested in viewing it. This is your way of telling the agent that no matter what, you are determined to stick to your budget.


It can get very tempting when you see condos that are even slightly above your price range. Some of the Mississauga condos in the area are absolutely stunning and will fit all of your requirements for a condo and then some. In order to resist the temptation it's best not to get close to them at all. There will be plenty of condos here in Mississauga that will meet your pricing needs.


Don't forget about the closing costs


When you're making up your budget to purchase a new condo don't forget about all the various costs that are associated with the closing such as hiring a lawyer, insurance costs and other miscellaneous fees. If you have any questions about the extra costs involved in making your purchase you should contact a real estate agent and have them listed out for you. You can then look at a real estate calculator to find out what you can expect in terms of closing costs.


You'll also want to factor in the condo fees when you're doing your calculations on the mortgage calculator. Again, you can talk to your agent to get a good idea of what the average condo fees would be for the type of condominium you're looking for in a certain area.


When you're operating on a tight budget the best thing you can do is communicate this to your agent and let him know how absolutely vital it is to stay on track with the final purchase price. Your agent will respect this and will only show you Toronto condos that you can truly afford until you find the perfect one that matches your lifestyle and your budget.

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Selling A Mississauga Condo

January 7, 2013

Preparing to Sell Your Mississauga Condo - To Paint or Not to Paint That Is the Question


Should you give your house a new coat of paint when you're trying to sell your Mississauga condo? Good question. The answer is a resounding no if your walls are in good shape and the color is relatively neutral. Otherwise, it's time to head to the local condo improvement store and pick up a few gallons of paint. This is the one condo improvement you can do that will show itself in a faster sale and quite often a better offer to purchase.


Your ceilings and walls are being noticed


It's quite interesting to see how long a condo viewer will actually stare at your ceilings and walls. While they are looking for evidence of a leaking roof or any cracks in the ceiling or walls, what they will notice are grease stains and a bad paint job.


Painting your condo can be a do-it-yourself job involves the whole family. Simply fix up the cracks in the walls and the holes with fiberglass tape covered with joint compound. Sand the area and then get prepared for the painting by purchasing some paint, rollers and paint brushes. Oh - and don't forget the tarp or heavy plastic too! You'll want to keep your furniture protected as well as your carpeting or flooring.


Choose neutral tones for the paint color like a cream or a light coffee type of tone. While you may enjoy a bright purple living room, you cannot assume that everyone else will. When you sell your Mississauga condo you’ll need to consider majority opinion and that always comes down to neutral colors. Majority rules when you're trying to make a sale.




As a general rule, take down the wallpaper completely. You chose the wallpaper based on personal preference and as with the paint, the majority of viewers will not share your own personal decorating style. Use a cheap wallpaper steamer to remove the paper and then paint over the area using the advice given above.


When it's time to sell your Mississauga condo it's time to take a look at the paint job on both the walls and the ceiling. In most cases you can do the painting yourself but if time is really an issue, or you don't have the confidence, you can hire an inexpensive painting company to do it for you. When your house really needs a new paint job it's a small price to pay for a quicker sale.

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Down Payment on Your Mississauga Condo

January 2, 2013 - Updated: January 2, 2013

How to Budget for the Down Payment on Your Mississauga Condo


If you're thinking about purchasing a new Mississauga condo you've probably got a lot of attention on getting the funds together for a good down payment. It can be difficult when you're first scrounging to get the money together but you'll definitely be happy that you took the extra effort once you step into the new condo and can call it home.


Here are a few down payment budget tips you can use right away to help you build up a larger deposit to put on your new condo.


1. Work with the right numbers

Sometimes people will tend to work with the price of the condo only and forget about the other costs involved. You'll have to factor in the association fees, added parking costs if any, the price of utilities and moving costs involved. You'll also want to figure out the inflation rate if you think that it's going to take some time to get the down payment together.


2. Working with the numbers

Take a look through the MLS® to get an idea of the Mississauga condos available in the price range you'd be able to afford. Then, take a closer look at the monthly fees required and the utilities you'd need to pay. In some cases you may have to contact a real estate agent to get these numbers if they aren't already listed.


There are mortgage calculators you can use to figure out how much money you have to pay monthly according to the down payment you can make on a condo. Start typing in different amounts until you find a monthly payment that you can afford comfortably. This will show you how much of a down payment you'll need to come up with for the home. Remember to add up all of the numbers first so that you get a true reflection of the costs you’ll have to incur every month.


3. Looking at your solutions

Once you come face-to-face with a final down payment amount you'll be able to see whether you're on track to get it gathered or whether you're going to have to come up with some bright ideas. There are two things that you'll need to do to your budget if you want to get your down payment covered faster. You'll either have to cut down on your expenses, increase your income or do a combination of both. Just keep in mind that your final goal is to own a Mississauga condo so that you can get out of the renter's market and finally have a property that you can call home.



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Replacing Condo Windows

December 27, 2012

When's the Best Time to Replace your Condominium Windows?

In most homes it's recommended that you change your windows after 15 years of use. Does the same apply to Mississauga condos? Well, it all depends on the window units you have had installed and how cost-effective they are.


Cost savings versus new windows

Keep in mind that the goal you want to achieve is a set of windows that provides a satisfactory level of performance. In order to get your windows up to par they may need to be replaced or simply repaired.


The first thing you should do is get an estimate for repairs if applicable and one for installing brand-new windows. If the repairs are going to bring your windows up to a level of high-performance, then this is an option that should be seriously considered if the price is a lot lower than replacing them.


Replacements, however, can often lower your utility bill costs significantly. As a Mississauga condominium owner, you know how brutally cold the winters can get and how steaming hot the summer months can be. When your air-conditioner and furnace are running constantly to try to keep up with the airflow that's streaming in through your windows, you'll want to take a look at the savings involved in replacing your windows entirely.


You'll want to grab a calculator and crunch the numbers to figure out both the short-term savings by repairing your windows versus replacing them and the long term effects of replacing your windows with newer thermopane units.


In many cases the condominium corporation will replace all of the window units in the building when the time comes. In order to find out the estimated time projection for your windows to be replaced by the corporation, ask to see a copy of the reserve fund study. This should show you an evaluation of your window units to determine approximately when they'll need to be replaced.

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Mississauga Condo Presales

December 14, 2012

Mississauga Condo Presales - Getting the Right Financing

When you're considering a presale of a Mississauga condo there are a few things that you should keep in mind about getting a mortgage for it. Sometimes a condo building won't have a final date for completion for a couple of years' time and this can cause a problem when trying to get prequalified for a mortgage.


Pre-qualifying a mortgage

Here’s the problem with pre-qualifying for a condo in Mississauga that's currently being built. When you approach a mortgage broker or lender for a pre-qualified mortgage the decision is made on the present time situation. The broker will look at the current lending laws, the interest rates and your financial situation at the time. The mortgage broker, unfortunately, is not a fortune teller. He has no way of knowing exactly what the financial conditions will be for mortgage lending in a couple of years and most of all can't foresee your future income situation in two years’ time.


In order to get pre-qualified for a Mississauga condo that is in the presales stage you'll have to have an excellent income, job stability, a good down payment and a great credit score. When all of these things are in your favor it's a lot easier to get the approval you need to go ahead and buy that condominium. It also helps if you already own a property, have built up equity in it and have already proven that you can make the payments month after month on time.


Getting pre-qualified for a mortgage is your best bet if you are interested in a Mississauga condo presale. It's always best to have all of your ducks in a row before applying for one since there is no guarantee that you'll be approved.


Talking to a qualified mortgage broker is your best bet if you're looking for a pre-qualified loan for a Mississauga condo that is currently in the construction phase. He will be able to let you know what your chances are for a pre-approval and can help guide you through the process. This is a pre-approval that is more complex than a regular application for a mortgage so you’ll want to make sure that everything is in place before submitting your forms. The mortgage broker also knows the lenders that are more willing to work with applicants for Mississauga condo presales.

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Buying Your First Mississauga Condo

December 7, 2012

More Canadian and Mississauga Real Estate Information Required by Young Residents


Young people across the country and here in the city want to know more about buying a home and condo as well as general Canadian and Mississauga real estate before going ahead and making a purchase. In a recent study conducted by the Canadian Real Estate Association, of the young Canadians aged 18 to 29 that were surveyed, 70% of them needed more information about the financial aspects of a home purchase. This is important to note since a lot of these residents are going to be making their first home purchase soon and feel like they need more information in order to make a confident buying decision.


A home is a huge asset for anyone to purchase and today young buyers want to get all the information they can before making a final decision. There's a lot of financial planning that has to go into any type of home ownership whether it is the first, second or third home that is being purchased. While it's a huge investment, today's young Canadians also understand that real estate is an important step forward towards financial security.


As a Mississauga real estate agent I understand that there are a lot of questions and perhaps confusions about the financial implications of purchasing a home. As your first usual line of contact I have the expertise and knowledge available to help you with your buying process so that you can end up making an informed decision.


There are calculators, apps, articles and other real estate financial resources you can use to find out exactly where you stand as a young Canadian or resident of Mississauga in terms of purchasing a property. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part and I am able to show you a roadmap that you can follow. As a result you’ll be able to figure out whether the timing is right for you to purchase now, how much of a home you can afford and the down payment that would be required for the home in your price range. I can also talk to you about the closing costs and any other miscellaneous fees and charges you may have to pay so that you can work out an exact budget for your home purchase.


When you work with a Mississauga real estate agent that is willing to help guide you on the path to homeownership, you'll be able to sign the final documents with certainty and confidence knowing that you made the right choice.

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Self-Employment Mortgages in Mississauga

December 4, 2012

Let's Talk about Self-Employment Mortgages in Mississauga

If you live here in Mississauga and are looking for a self-employment mortgage for a new condo or home you might be quite surprised at the reaction you get when you apply if you have never asked for a home loan before. There are a lot of mountains that you may have to climb in order to get approved for a loan. Although it may not seem right, it's just the way it is right now.


Self-employment is hard work

You know it is. You have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulder and while others are thinking that you have the easy life you are actually putting in time at all hours of the day. You put everything else aside, especially while you are building up your business, including your family, your finances and in some cases your health. Hopefully it all pays off for you in the end so that you can sit back, relax and have the good life that you dream about. This includes  buying a condo in Mississauga that you can easily afford.


The banks don't recognize your hard work

They still have a thing going on with self-employed individuals. We're talking about traditional banking institutions here - the ones that you see at every street corner.

When you're self-employed there are certain write-offs that you can use to help reduce your taxes and this is all perfectly legal. The problem is that once you make these claims it shows that you may not be earning enough money to sustain a house purchase. You're going to have to show a lot of documented proof of your income including your tax statements to the bank and this proof will need to go back at least two years. In other words, if your business has started to take off within the last six months and you could perfectly well afford a house now, the year and a half prior to the six months will be looked at and you may not get approved.


There is a solution

Work with a Mississauga mortgage broker. These brokers handle self-employed individuals and couples that are applying for a mortgage all the time. They know lenders that will appreciate all the hard work you have put into your business. There are a lot of other lenders available out there aside from the traditional banks that are a lot more flexible when it comes to self-employed hard workers.

If your bank has turned you down for a self-employed loan you need to talk to a Mississauga mortgage broker before turning in the towel completely. If your business is doing well and you have the documents available to prove it, there are a lot of lenders that are very interested in working with self-employed people. After all, almost 20% of the workforce in Canada is made up of individuals that put their own time and sweat into developing new businesses.


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Buying a Condo in Mississauga

November 27, 2012

3 Great Reasons Why You Should Be Buying a Condo in Mississauga

Mississauga is a great place to live - just ask most of the residents that live here already. It's a vibrant and exciting city that's new enough to be mainstream and yet carry a history along with it. If you're looking for a condo in Mississauga here are five of the best reasons why this is the best choice you could make.


1. Mississauga is safe

Mississauga has long been known to be one of the safest cities in the nation. Whether you're a single person, a couple that's looking for a condo, a senior or a family with children, this is the place to be if safety is a concern for you. There are various neighborhood watch committees set up in many of the communities where neighbors are friendly and look out for each other. Along with the safety that Mississauga condos provide with their security features to enter the building, you'll be set up for a safe and secure feeling here.


2. Mississauga is green

You can't help but notice all the green in this beautiful city. It's everywhere! Parks are found in virtually every neighborhood with a total of 481 woodlands and parks in Mississauga. You'll also have access to the lakefront here, which is fantastic for boaters, swimmers and people that just love to be by the water for any reason at all.


3. Mississauga is a Gateway

Mississauga is one of the major gateways to the rest of Canada. Lester B. Pearson international Airport is located here with easy access to the 401. All sorts of leaders, famous artists and musicians, heroes and well known and respected people pass through our city every day. Here we serve international and national markets that are either visiting the city or stopping over as they make their way forward to another part of Canada.

Oh, there are so many reasons why you should be buying a condo in Mississauga. This is the upcoming place to be and with so many plans on the horizon for this city, it's worth taking a look at the real estate that's available right now on the MLS®.


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Decorating Your Mississauga Condo to Keep It Light and Spacious

November 19, 2012

The problem with decorating most Mississauga condos these days lies with the furniture, accessories and general day-to-day living. You need to have small thin furniture in your condo to keep it looking spacious but at the same time you’ll want to have your condo looking snug and homey. Accessories should be kept on the small size as well so that they don't overwhelm the room while everything needs to be put away as it is used during your daily routine to keep the clutter down to a dull roar.


It's a delicate balance

When you start decorating with minimalistic furniture it's easy to lose the cozy and snug feeling that you want to have in your condo. Fine lines and sharp edges are great but they can also present a very cold appearance as well. In order to keep the balance in check you'll want to look for slim furniture that has some type of warm comforting feel to it.

Look for upholstery fabric that has a warm design to it. This will help to offset the colder appearance of the minimalistic furniture that you are using. You should also look for pieces that are curvy. Too many fine blunt edges can be fatal when you're trying to make your new Mississauga condo into a home.


Pick everything up as you use it

If you aren't already in the habit of putting things away as they have been used you'll have to get started with this immediately. You can get away with leaving out a few dishes on the counter in a detached single-family home a lot easier than you can in a small condo. Everything that you leave out will add to the cluttered appearance in no time at all.


Keep your accessories to a minimum

Use small accessories in your condo to keep it looking spacious and open. If you have a lot of accessories that you want to display, consider purchasing a small curio cabinet where they can be tucked away neatly but still proudly set up under lights. There are beautiful cabinets that you can purchase for a condo and some of them can be hung up on the wall when space is limited.

Keep these Mississauga condo decorating tips in mind to make your condominium into the home you want. As long as you do your interior designing with care you can keep your condo looking open, inviting and warm.

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As Mississauga Condos Boom So Does Smaller Furniture!

November 6, 2012 - Updated: November 7, 2012


Furniture manufacturers are constantly watching for the latest trends in real estate. Across Canada and into the United States condos are clearly becoming the wave of the future and furniture companies are definitely taking note of the changes. Mississauga condos require smaller and slimmer designs in order to keep the condominium less cluttered. With all of the glass towers rising in the city furniture stores need to sell the type of pieces that can easily fit into them.


The retail business for furniture is in fact becoming revolutionized by the growing number of Canadians that are turning to condos. Furniture that was available 10 years ago simply isn't going to work in the average condo that's being built today.


The minimalistic look is in now with thin designs and fine lines. This type of furniture gives more physical space to the condo and makes it appear larger. With most of these condominium units every inch counts and the type of furniture that goes into it needs to be selected with care.


As well, more types of furniture are being built for multitasking. You can find tables that adjust down to a coffee table from a dining room table and all sorts of coffee tables and tables that provide storage inside. Futons are incredibly popular offering a sofa style during the day and a bed at night.


Big furniture overpowers a room quite easily and while it may be suitable for single-family homes, it really has no place in most of the condos in this city.


Compact furniture is here to stay and furniture companies, retailers and manufacturers are all competing to provide space saving furniture pieces. When every square foot counts you'll want to choose the type of furniture that give you the most bang for the buck.

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